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About Bobbie

Bobbie Martin is an esteemed teacher of evolutionary processes, recognized affectionately for her fervor of spirit, her keen perception, and an intuitive teaching method which articulates her depth of wisdom with captivating simplicity.For 20 years Bobbie has been passionately focused on empowering individuals, families, and communities of people to strengthen their inner spirit and embrace their Sacred Power through her well-developed trainings and guidance.

Beginnings: Born to a Midwestern farming family, Bobbie Martin was raised with a Catholic belief system and good a work ethic. She married in her early 20’s and had three sons, feeling at the time she would lead what she considered to be the “predictable American life”. But as life drew her into her late 20’s, she found herself exploring the idea of reincarnation. She became fascinated with what she saw all around her, as some people’s lives seemed littered with hardship and struggle, while others seemed to lead “blessed” and easy lives.

Convinced there was an answer to this mystery beyond what she was learning from textbooks in her academic psychological studies, she found great peace within the concept of reincarnation, where each individual is born into their life with their own respective lesson plan to complete. As she contemplated and studied this idea, her fascination shifted towards how she could help people complete their life lessons with ease and joy. Her curiosity led her to metaphysics, where she sought apprenticeships with local practitioners, and she began learning new ways of seeing the universe and responding to life.

But only a few years later, Bobbie found herself a divorced, single mother of three. She was able to support her family through her career in corporate marketing and management, but her search for meaning and better ways of life became more forefront in her mind than ever. Her yearning for deeper knowledge led her to the School of Metaphysics were she began her official studies into the different realms of the universe.

While continuing to raise her sons and suceeding in her corporate marketing and management career, she began teaching classes in psychic development and dream interpretation. At that time, she was careful to keep the “business” and “metaphysical” sides of her life very separate in an effort to protect her family and avoid the stereotypes and attacks that frequently accompanied pursuing a career and lifestyle that was considered “alternative” at the time.

But at age 43, the corporate job and identity was unexpectedly eliminated. Bobbie was once again challenged to reach further inside of herself and conquer the risk she felt it would be to commit herself fully to her spiritual gifts and abilities. More people continued requesting readings from her, which she resisted. Bobbie recalls the incident now with humor;

“My ego was pretty caught up with being the ‘corporate manager’,” Bobbie confesses with laughter. ” That’s what seemed to impress people, including my family. When the company down sized, I came to face the possibility of presenting this side of myself to the world. My experience was that some people loved the idea of what I did and some thought I was a psycho. I was determined, as so many others who have this kind of gift, to keep it low profile and only share that part of me with people who already embraced the idea of healing and the intuitive.”

During that short period of resistance, she attempted to be present for several job interviews, each effort being obstructed by unexpectedly running out of gas or accidentally locking her keys in her car.

“After quite a bit of frustration, I finally accepted what my friend called, the ‘cosmic 2×4 in the back of the head’.” Bobbie continues, “And as I moved into it, I began to have the experience of receiving hugs instead of handshakes after completing a session with a client. I found that presenting myself authentically in the world only meant that some people ignored me and others were profoundly grateful. It was the beginning of me really being me.”

Bobbie began taking appointments for intuitive sessions, and within 3 weeks she was booking 6 clients a week and able to support her family by doing what she actually did best; helping people change their lives.

Bobbie became introduced to Resonance Repatterning while creating a workshop with a friend in Colorado. It was there she met Helen Peak, one of only two teachers at the time who was qualified to teach Resonance Repatterning. Helen expressed an interest to come teach in Kansas City, which Bobbie made possible, and which subsequently led to Bobbie’s extensive studies of Resonance Repatterning. After her initial training, she was recognized for her proficiency and asked to become a member of the board of United States Resonance Repatterning Association. She then began teaching this breakthrough method and witnessed firsthand how much the process helped empower people to know at any given moment, they can literally, completely change the way they are experiencing their life.

Experience/ Education: Bobbie Martin studied at UMKC, received a B.A. in Psychology and eventually pursued graduate work in industrial psychology. She entered several apprenticeships with intuitive healers, and in 1995 became certified in body work and massage. She completed her initial Resonance Repatterning training in 1998, and went on to further her knowledge base by studying Jin Shin Jyutsu Physio-Philosophy, as well as various healing properties of light, sound, movement, and touch in over 100 modalities.

Philosophy: Bobbie has always felt that each of us has the ability to be much more powerful in our lives than we think. Her fundamental focus was first to find that for herself, and now it is to open up that possibility for others. “This is my bliss!” Bobbie confirms. “Every day I feel so honored to know my own essence so that I can you may know yours.” Over 10 years ago she officially adopted the Mission Statement: “I inspire, embrace and support Sacred Power in myself and others.” Her intention is to show people they have the ability to access beyond what their senses and mind can tell them. Bobbie believes that eventually, everything we think is “extra” normal will be commonplace, as the world collectively becomes awake to the immense potential that exists within each individual on the planet.