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Group Repatterning Overview

Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Group Repatterning | 1 comment

Notes for Group Repatterning August 23, 2012 Focus: We focused on the Mars Energy in Scorpio that was opening up today. Having lots of support and energy to dive in and get to the bottom of what we really want and taking action on it Now resonating with: I finally love me enough to pursue my dreams/goals. I release and karmic-ly clear all that I have inappropriately taken in through all time, space, dimension and reality. I allow stresses and upsets to flow through me and release quickly and fully. I am very healthy. (umbilical level) I have all the energy and stamina I need to live my life and accomplish my goals. I work less and earn more. (umbilical) Joy and passion I have my passion Courage to use my voice Cleared: I seek to control others and things around me when I feel threatened, afraid or rejected. Prejudice We then went to the Negative Belief Repatterning Now resonating with: I lovingly share with others what they do that makes me feel loved and nurtured. Cleared: I feel I am up against a wall. (umbilical) Fear of being seen Intimacy brings unhappiness. It’s no good trying. 16 generations on both sides of my family of believing it’s no good trying. I avoid being who I really am, I avoid intimacy and connection. Now resonating with: I am ready to let go of my limiting belief that intimacy brings unhappiness so that I am really who I am, and so that I am intimate and connected. I have the power to say yes or no after thinking clearly about what’s right for me. I have a positive attitude toward people and life. For hearing the societal message of: You are healthy and vital. We then went to the Family Systems Repatterning for Receiving Now resonating with: I receive what nurtures and benefits me in my marriage, my career and my friendships. Cleared: I refuse to accept that some circumstances are out of my control. Now resonating with: Other people have the power to do something to change my experience. Receiving from others makes me feel small and vulnerable. Others blame me for their problems. Now resonating with: I give others their appropriate place in my life and I honor my parents. I give up wanting others to be my parents. Others only assume their appropriate responsibility in the relationship. I deserve to receive what benefits and nurtures me. (umbilical) Healing Modality: 10 minutes of meditating on a flower(s) Everyone said they felt more relaxed, different chakras opened up and there was a lot more smiling. I recommend to all who were proxied in to do this at some point in the next 2 days. Yes the 10 minutes does seem to be important. A picture of flowers or live flowers, both work. Flowers are a gift that asks nothing in return but to share their beauty. Ideally we can all feel that way about ourselves and the people in our lives. Take action on your most deep desire and in this session that seems to be centered around connection, intimacy and love. Next group session: Thurs September 20th at...

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