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Personal Sessions

Personal Sessions

Bobbie offers one-on-one Resonance Repatterning sessions in her office in Kansas City, Missouri, Mon-Thurs 9am-7pm. She also offers these sessions over the phone and via email for clients who are out of the area, have limited mobility, or whose schedules may not allow them to be available during her normal office hours.

Phone sessions: For a phone session, clients simply interact with Bobbie over the phone and the session is conducted exactly as it is in person. The only difference is that Bobbie proxy muscle checks for the client’s system. Bobbie has assisted with people all over the United States through her phone sessions.  Many clients who utilize the option of a phone session are business practitioners (such as chiropractors), who use her sessions as tune-ups for their business and energy levels.

Email: For email sessions, the client details the issues they are dealing with, as well as the intentions they desire, and send it to Bobbie. She then completes their session by proxy muscle checking for them (with their permission), and emails or phones them with the results. Individuals have had significant results through this process and are delighted at how their system does the work even when they are not physically present.

For pricing information and all other inquiries, please contact Bobbie Martin.