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Resonance Repatterning Training

– Class 1 –

Fundamentals of Resonance Repatterning

This class introduces the essentials and everyday tools of Resonance Repatterning™ which individuals may use for themselves as well as friends and family. Students learn:
  • An overview of the science the process is based on
  • Body response awareness
  • How to write clear intentions and clear problem statements
  • How to self muscle-check
The student also learns over 20 different healing modalities, including:
  • Breath patterns
  • Movement
  • Touch
  • Working with meridians
  • Visualizations
When you are complete with this one day, you have a book containing all of these detailed processes and information. Students will have learned how to embrace the gift of Chaos, and are then ready to dive into the process of deeper repatternings if they choose. This is also a wonderful class to experience with friends and loved ones.

The Fundamentals class provides the foundation upon which all subsequent seminars build into a comprehensive energy mastery system. In two days of instruction and practice students learn:

  • The basic steps of the Resonance Repatterning Mandala
  • How to use the Mandala in your sessions

Students also learn the Resonance Repatterning muscle indicator system in depth, gaining confidence in its use and accuracy, and learning to muscle check for resonance on yourself and others!

In Fundamentals, there are three primary principles and goals:

The Principle of Resonance

  • You are able to muscle check the dissonant resonance holding a problem in place and how to shift it.
  • You are able to identify the negative resonance pattern that underlies every problem, and transform this resonance for yourself and others.

The Principle of Repatterning 

You learn four initial repatterning protocols for transforming non-coherent beliefs and negative perceptions in:

  • Seeing
  • Hearing
  • Writing

The Principle of Positive Action

You experience the power of action to move you from potential to results. You will be able to select the optimal action that supports quantum change.

You learn additional modalities for quantum change in the fields of:

  • Sound
  • Color/Light
  • Breath
  • Movement
  • Energetic contacts

You practice these on yourself and others to experience a change in your energy.

– Class 2 –

Transforming Primary Patterns

During this training you learn that the primary pattern that controls you and your life is your own mind. Your thoughts create your reality.You learn five Repatterning protocols that enhance your resonance with positive thoughts.1. The Appreciation Repatterning expands your heart’s resonant field so you more readily give and receive appreciation for yourself and for others.2. The Commitment Repatterning transforms unconscious patterns so you can commit 100% of your energy to every aspect of your life.3. The Creative Expression Repatterning assists you in moving beyond your blocks to the joy of authentic creation and self-expression.4. The Negative Thoughts Repatterning turns de-energizing mental activities of anger, worry, fear, jealousy and infatuation, etc. into affirmative, life-enhancing ways of thinking and being.5. The Self-Image Repatterning identifies and transforms your resonance with negative perceptions about yourself, and appreciate yourself for who you truly are.You learn the basic life needs that, when unmet, generate problems. You learn to pinpoint the planetary frequencies you need and to resonate with their empowering qualities.

You also learn additional modalities including:

  • The safety energy locks of Jin Shin Jyutsu® physio-philosophy
  • Tuning forks
  • Katsugen
  • The powerful Resonance Repatterning Energy Constriction Release

– Class 3 –

Transforming Unconscious Patterns

This seminar gives access to patterns and family dynamics that are more deeply held. You learn to help yourself and others with gentleness and compassion, in an atmosphere that is safe, nurturing and relaxed.

You learn six repatterning protocols that transform your resonance with early painful experiences without having to relive them.

1. The Reptilian Brain Repatterning, which is the oldest part of your brain. It is your unconscious fight-flight survival mechanism, and you learn how to release its past responses that remain superimposed on present situations and relationships.

2. The Breath Repatterning releases unconscious resonance patterns concerning any life-depleting breathing experience, (particularly the first breath after birth) so you can take in more life energy.

3. The Earlier Experience Repatterning releases resonance with needs not met in the womb and childhood that set your life patterns in motion.

4. The Parental Repatterning allows you to resonate with the higher learning your parents hold for you no matter what your past experience with them has been.

5. The Compensation Repatterning identifies behavior patterns that once helped you to get the attention you needed for survival, and that inhibit your ability to give and receive love in the present.

6. The Integration for Growth Repatterning transforms your resonance with recurring patterns that spiral you down to a lower energy state of symptoms and addictions. You become free when you can consistently resonate with meeting your needs in a coherent way and experience a higher energy state of well-being.

Students also learn:

  • How to use tuning forks and the Quantum Healing Codes for vibrational sound healing
  • How to use the color filter torch (flashlight)
  • Cranial contacts for core balance
  • Hanna Somatic Movements to release habitual stress responses stored in the physical body

In addition you learn the Resonance Repatterning  Diffusion technique to unhook negativity and painful and dissonant frequencies from your body-mind field, no matter how deeply they are held or what pattern they anchor.

– Class 4 –

Transforming Chakra Patterns

This training introduces you to the Ayurvedic Chakra system and its seven major concentrated reservoirs of energy that impact your body, your emotional responses, your thoughts and your life attitude. Energy patterns of resonance and dissonance are associated with each chakra. The student learns to balance their energy for improved health, performance and relationship.Through the Resonance Repatterning process, you locate and clear dissonant patterns stationed in any part of the chakra system, and balance the flow of life energy.You learn to identify and transform dissonance through four chakra Repatterning protocols.1. The Chakra Repatterning balances your resonance with the strengths of the seven primary chakras. You identify how chakra imbalances affect the physical body, especially the vertebra, and how shock impacts and distorts the energy of the chakras.2. The Disrupted Energy Repatterning balances the expansion and relaxation pulsation of the Chakras. As you transform your resonance with your disrupted energy patterns, you attain greater harmony and balance in all aspects of life.3. The Sound Frequency Repatterning supports your constitutional sound/frequency. You identify generational dissonance and the effect it has on the body-mind system. You learn that you are a pulsing field of vibrational patterns. Every thought, emotion, physical organ and tissue down to the smallest cellular structure has its own frequency pattern. By transforming the non-coherent sound frequencies you experience quantum change in life, relationships and health.4. The Life Cycle Repatterning clears energetic obstructions in your natural cycles of creative activity from inspiration to completion. You learn to identify the life cycle you are avoiding or prematurely activating so you can restore your attunement, complete your endeavors, and recycle into new beginnings with more energy and inspiration.You learn Modalities for Quantum Change that harmonize each chakra, including:

  • The Resonance Repatterning Fusion Process
  • The Heart Entrainment for deeper intimacy and bonding
  • Chakra movements
  • how to use the color filter lenses to absorb specific light frequencies
  • An introduction to essential oils for the chakras
  • Ayurvedic chakra sounds
  • Polarity Energy Contacts to balance each of the chakra energies.

– Class 5 –

Transforming 5 Element and Meridian Patterns

In this final initial training class, the Student is introduced to the ancient Chinese Five Element and Meridian way of natural healing.By understanding the harmonious flow of chi through the Five Elements in nature, the ancient Chinese were able to see correlations in the human body. Their five thousand year old system of Acupuncture encourages this natural flow to maintain harmony, optimal health, constructive thinking, emotional well-being and coherent behavior.The student learns the underlying self-regulatory principles of the Chinese Five Element theories and to use Five Element theory to balance all aspects of your life.You learn:
  • The attributes of each Element and Meridian , and
  • How to encourage balance and strengthen the flow of chi through your body-mind system by using
    • tuning forks
    • the color filter torch
    • gentle contact
    • essential oils on powerful meridian points.
  • Six Repatterning protocols based on the Chinese system of medicine.

The Meridian and Five Element Repatterning identifies and transforms non-coherent patterns that disrupt the flow of chi life energy in the Five Elements and Meridians.

1. The Seasonal Repatterning identifies the stress that occurs for people during specific seasons and their transitions. If this stress occurs you may manifest physical and emotional symptoms of discomfort. This repatterning supports re-establishing the flow of chi life energy to offset any seasonal stress you may be experiencing.

2. The 24 Hour Time Cycle Repatterning is based upon the 24-hour flow of chi life energy through your body. It identifies the time of day when your energy drops or symptoms worsen so you can self-regulate your meridian balance and well-being.

3. The Mu Point Repatterning addresses patterns of fear and phobias that create energetic and behavioral blocks and releases them through the specific meridian points.

4. The Decision Making Repatterning encourages creative decision making through balancing the Five Element energy flows.

5. The Five Element Qualities Repatterning identifies the higher state of energy and coherence within the Five Elements that you can access to improve the quality of who you are, what you bring to relationships and how you interact.

You also master new Modalities for Quantum Change including sound, movements and breathing patterns for:

  • The Five Elements
  • The meridian consonant sounds
  • The meridian self-massage
  • Mu acupuncture points and Pentatonic Modes