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Sacred Power

Until recently, opening up to personal growth and spiritual development was a journey that took many years. It often involved immense commitments of time and emotional struggle as one underwent the intimidating process of addressing each issue they faced in life. While the end results of such a practice where well worth it, few people were truly able to dedicate the necessary amount of time and attention required to heal their issues. But now, thanks to the revolutionary studies of earnest scientists and spiritualists, such a laborious and outdated process is no longer necessary for personal transformation to occur. By combining principles of psychology with intuitive and energy-based healing arts, Bobbie Martin casts an astonishing light upon the hidden strings of belief that keep you tied to those circumstances you feel so trapped in. Once you’re ready to free yourself from your self-imposed (and often subconscious) limitations, you’ll find Bobbie Martin is the ideal guide to gently bring your Sacred Power into full expression. In Sacred Power sessions and trainings, you’ll learn how to name your exciting new intent, resonate with it, move into action and manifest it… free of fear or limiting beliefs. You’ll feel connected to your powerful spirit, and perhaps even find a new, unexpected and more meaningful direction for your life.


It’s time to make the discovery that you are the light you’ve been waiting for!

Bobbie offers Sacred Power sessions designed to address your specific desires for your life.  The three primary methods she utilizes are;

  • Resonance Repatterning
  • The “Your Essential DNA” process
  • Intuitive Readings

Each of these methods provides a unique opportunity for transformation. The client can choose to pursue just one method, or a variety, based upon their preference and which methods appeal to them.


Repatterning Session – Individual (60 minutes) $125

Repatterning Session – Couple / Family (90 minutes) $190

Intuitive Session – Individual (60 minutes