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Intuitive Readings

Bobbie does intuitive readings by looking at the energy field of the client, giving an overview of what she sees and feels and focusing on the questions of the client. Her primary skills are empathic and clairvoyance with some clairaudience, these are the skills to see and hear beyond this third dimensional reality. She can lead clients in regression work (in the form of mild hypnosis states) to access past events and past life events with the purpose of healing them and re-integrating the wounded and splintered parts of ourselves that have stayed in the past dealing with those issues. Bobbie believes that all information comes through the clients higher consciousness and/or guides, so therefore, it is given as clearly and unfiltered as possible. The information given is a picture of what is possible, based on the clients energy at that time. The client always has free will and may alter the outcomes. Indeed, Bobbie believes that sometimes people seek readings in order to face where their energy and choices are taking them, so that they may alter their course.

Time: Sessions usually last about an hour

Fees: $150.00 an hour


  • One-on-one appointment in the office
  • Phone session at an appointed time
  • Group session either in office or in clients environment, in which fees would be customized and agreed upon.
  • E-mail, receiving the clients concerns and then doing a reading and emailing the results of that.

Email Bobbie Martin to find out more or to set-up an appointment.